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"We are pleased to announce the 3 winners of the ARCA project open call. The three designers will collaborate on the creation of an agender and circular capsule collection inspired by the three European cities Berlin, Barcelona and Bologna."

for Bologna.


"I think what explains best who I am is a lover of threads. I am a Nigerian-Italian 22yo aspiring textile artist and fashion designer who is actively trying to find a way to create spaces within the fashion industry which aren't focused on profit. Justice, inclusion, connection and sustainability are my ultimate goals."

Ada Ezeoke
Magdalena Stuve

for Berlin.


"Growing up in a large family, I learned early on to sew and redesign the worn-out clothes of my older siblings and thus adapt them to my aesthetics and likings. Therefore, I was fascinated by textile art, design and crafts from a young age on. After I first completed pedagogical training and worked in that field, I found my way back to fashion and turned this passion into my profession and my calling. Pursuing my dream of creating fashion that is sustainable, fair, inclusive and urban, I studied fashion design in Berlin and set up my own fashion label StüveBerlin."


for Barcelona.


"Hello, my name is Laura, and I'm 21 years old from Barcelona. I'm currently pursuing my studies in Fashion Design at ESDI University. I have a profound passion for sewing and the entire creative process of crafting new garments. With a strong commitment to sustainable and circular design, I define my style as colorful, functional, and upcycled."

Laura Corberò


- Carolyn Edmondson
- Nanyi Li
- Ragia Kaja
- Federica Catastini
- Alessandro Golpe / Vignoli
- Giada La Gioia
- Marc Saez (Moon)
- Carola Beltrán
- Macarena Cianciarulo
- Joel Zamorano
- Emma Oberrauch

ARCA is funded under the Creative Europe Programme and is promoted by baumhaus (IT), specialising in innovative learning practices; @lantoki (SPA), a slow fashion SME offering online courses and digital patterns; and (GER), a non-profit focused on circular economy, with a unit in Fashion and Textiles.

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